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Injection moulding

Injection molding of thermoplastics and elastomers

Injection moulding of thermoplastics and elastomers.
This method is the core of the company. Elzinga & Van de Krieke lives by the motto: ‘Hoe gekker, hoe beter’, which translates to the crazier the better! By living to those words a lot is possible.

  • High-tech European Injection moulding machines with 500kN up to 2000kN Pressure capabilities
  • Thermoplastics, Elastomers (LSR) and other less common methods.
  • Set-up for smaller production series with the capability for semi-mass production with a high level of automation.


Milling, turning & small scale mould making.

Milling, turning & small scale mould making.

A compact workshop is available for machining practices and the assembly and maintenance for the production moulds.

  • Turning and milling
  • (profile) Grinding
  • Drilling, tapping and reaming
  • Excellent international network of suppliers closely cooperating with us.


Product Engineering

Design, plastics engineering & design for manufacturing

Not only does Elzinga & Van der Krieke make plastic products and moulds, we also think along with our clients on engineering and design levels. Our core values are:

  • Certified and experienced industrial design competence.
  • Synthetic material flow simulation using software: CADMOULD licenses
  • 3D construction using SOLIDWORKS
  • 3D printing (SLA) methods for prototypes and smaller series
* we are not allowed to show our innovative products here. For more information please contact us.

Mould manufacturing

Anything from prototypes to mass production moulds.

Due to all the dependencies in the proces for plastic parts, Elzinga & Van der Krieke takes care of the production of the moulds that are designed in-house. The experience and diverse background of the team ensure an enormous amount of possibilities.

  • Thermoplastics and LSR production moulds for in-house production synthetic parts.
  • Fast and cheap test moulds for proof of concepting and/or small series.
  • High-end precision methods and tooling aided with thought out application.
  • In-house advanced runner method knowledge: from needle shut-off hotrunners used for high glass or carbon fiber filling to LSR coldrunner systems.

Everything in one place. Intergral product realisation

We belief that the control of the complete process makes for a short and easy to know work flow. To adhere to this philosophy, we aim to acquire all available knowledge in our field. This does not only deliver applicable knowledge but also gives us insight for extra flexibility and shorter run times.

Nowadays knowledge is power, that’s why a lot of our clients ask for discretion. This in turn means that we, unfortunately, can’t show the bulk of our portfolio. After the approval of our clients we have a few images of completed and running projects in our portfolio area.

Diversity: High-end technical thermoplastics and Elastomers (LSR) for unique parts to mass production

Plastic plastics are one of the most highly adaptable materials available to us on this planet. Elzinga Van de Krieke makes these applications available on a custom level. Designing and improving a product to its most efficient form is our specialty. We cater from just an idea to a finished product, all in one place.

Looking to make a new product but can’t justify the total cost of ownership on production level? Or maybe an already existing product where you need to press down on the costs? Even the production process for injection moulding needs to be changed? Test us on our skills and knowledge and be amazed!

We use the following software:
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