Keunsto a new label

Keunsto is a label for entrepreneurs / inventors with an idea for a plastic product. We take the development, production and marketing off your hands. Local, optimally circular, innovative. The more complex the more fun !! Keunsto is part of Elzinga van der

Launch of “Earmate” a unique product for healthcare personnel

At the beginning of May, Elzinga & Van der Krieke /Keunsto launched a comfort accessory for mouth masks. The “Earmate”. Mainly in the battle with COVID19 as well as for preventive use of mouth masks and as comfortable as possible. There were frequently requests for 3D printing of accessories for mouth masks. For large numbers and a comfortable design, injection molding is amuch better method. Elzinga & Van der Krieke, a young innovative injection molding company, located in Drachten, has designed and produced an ergonomic solution made for the use of mouth masks. Often the mouth masks rubber band cut behind the ears when used for a long time. Elzinga & Van der Krieke produces¬† the “Earmate”, in their own factory, by means of injection molding. Per day we can produce 3,500 earmates.

Donation to hospitals and institutions

Elzinga & Van der Krieke would like to contribute to the fight against COVID19 and has 6,000 “Earmates” donated to hospitals and institutions in the Netherlands for healthcare personnel.

The “Earmate” can be easily disinfected

The “Earmate” can be fully recycled, is made of a safe plastic, can without problems be disinfected multiple times with alcohol or UV light and is easy to handle yourself. The choice of materials takes maximum comfort into account for healthcare personnel. It is produced in various cheerful colors. The design is to everyones satisfaction tested in practice and in a number of intensive care units.

Order Earmate

If you want to order the Earmate in small quantities, go to

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