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Co-development and production of the SASS cup. Thus Jonic Solutions; “SASSCup is a product of Jonic Solutions. The SASSCup prevents spillage in the event of a motor impairment. Think of Parkinson’s disease or MS. The SASSCup focuses on functionality and design. The solutions currently used are all actually either very childish or not affordable. We […]

Keunsto is a label for entrepreneurs / inventors with an idea for a plastic product. We take the development, production and marketing off your hands. Local, optimally circular, innovative. The more complex the more fun !! Keunsto is part of Elzinga van der Launch of “Earmate” a unique product for healthcare personnel At the […]


LSR part in consumer product for Ovilli. In-house engineering, mould and injection moulding.

In collaboration with Evert Wilstra and Elisabeth Jonker. Initiative to visualize Frisian sports / concepts. Formlabs 3D printer and scanning of bronze statue. Look at the images of broadcaster Fryslan; do you see the difference?  

Connecting element for an SME in the Northern Netherlands. Product design, mold design, mold realization and injection molding of products in house. Reduced installation time for customer. 2 sides undercut, solved by resilient moving and fixed side. Connection by means of 2 hot runner nozzles. Product size 150 x 150 x 5mm -Scope; 250,000 products.

Laminating mould for laminating Carbon. Specific for hydrofoil for the Clafis solarboat team. Engineering, mould design and mould realization.


Assignment for customer in which a steel part is replaced by plastic. Conformal cooling in the mould, Gunter hot-runner system.

Markus makes design furniture connecting element. Short run, cost effective.


Sustainability and continuous development is a topical subject, but it is often not integrated into the business cases of companies and products. Most plastic parts are produced from mainly “virgin material” (material that is newly obtained from petroleum). Often the total life cycle / impact of the product is not looked at and that is […]

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